Yoga & Meditation

Hatha Yoga
and Meditation

Both Yoga and Meditation are two of the most fundamental ways to reconnect with ourselves and could be seen as a basic need in our lives.

In the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” in one verse we can find the words “Chitta Vrddi Nirodha”. This translated means: “to still the fluctuations of the mind” so to calm your mental activity up to the point of thoughtlessness. This can be understood as the base principle of Yoga and any other spiritual practice.

This being said I aim at all times to bring the people I work with into a state of deeper relaxation and calmness. If we find our mind in a balanced state it is not only much easier to connect with those who surround us, but also to master the challenges we have to face in our life.
For the same reason Yoga and meditation are also part of my astrological consultations, as I try to find the right type of practice for each person individually.

I teach classical Hatha-, Vinyasa- and Tantra Yoga. I also like to use elements of Bhakti-Yoga in my classes and make sure I transmit the use of Mantras and Yoga-Philosophy. Yoga, in my opinion, unfolds it’s highest potential when physical movement and the heart become one, so it eventually turns into a practice of devotion and worship. Yet I also heavily focus on proper physical alignment and am highly convinced of the physical benefits of Yoga.
Meditation and the recitation of mantras are part of my daily life and I`ve experienced their positive effects on my own over many years now. Also since my teacher of vedic astrology “Freedom Tobias Cole” is a certified yoga therapist I am familiar with some of the basic concepts of yoga therapy.

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