About me

“Bring light into your life
and realize yourself”

Since my early childhood I am surrounded by spiritual worlds of many kinds. My parents were part of a shamanistic tradition and due to that otherworldly experiences became very natural to me early on and influenced me throughout my life.

Later, I developed a more personal interest in spirituality, when, at the age of 17, my father introduced me to Bön-Buddhism, and I met “Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche”, a direct lineage holder and spiritual master of the tradition. It is from there that my spiritual understanding and experiences started to deepen, making the many healing benefits of meditation a vital part of my life as I matured.

From 2012 to 2019 I studied German, philosophy and psychology, among other things, while also working odd jobs. Although an avid enjoyer of philosophy I ended up discontinuing my academic studies to pursue my true passion of gaining knowledge in the fields of spiritual wisdom and occult sciences. In 2019 I completed a Hatha Yoga teacher training in France and began teaching to small groups in Vienna until Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdowns. I then moved back to my hometown and taught Yoga via Zoom while working a few part time jobs, to pay the bills.

By then, I had already been dabbling in western Astrology and reading one book after another in an attempt to find the best direction or tradition to follow. Eventually in 2021 I joined the “Science of Light” Level 1 course with “Freedom Tobias Cole” to learn Vedic Astrology. Here I was presented not only with a comprehensive guide on how to approach Vedic Astrology, but also how it is connected with spiritual practices and occult philosophy. This study offered me a deeper insight into life than I ever expected. In 2022 I completed the “Science of Light” Level 2 course and am now authorized by my teacher and the tradition to offer paid astrological readings. Yet, this is only the beginning of my journey with this science. I continue to pursue more advanced study programs to enhance my knowledge and there is seemingly no end to deepening one’s study of Vedic Astrology.

Yoga and Meditation

There has always been a strong urge in me to understand and explore the fabric of our reality. Meditation and many other experiences have taught me that the things are hardly ever what they seem to be and that we as humans are often not the ones guiding our actions, but rather slaves to our desires.

Yoga and Meditation became tools for me to understand my actions and lead a healthier and more fulfilled life. I managed to overcome negative thought patterns. It made me feel a lot better and I managed to finally feel like I was in charge of my life and freed myself from many unnecessary desires. Aside from that my experience of life and my connections with people became a lot more profound and beautiful.
At the same time though I started to realize that many of my issues and blockages could not be explained only by looking at psychology. The idea of Karma and how my current life is related to past lives and actions became more and more intriguing to me. Astrology now seemed like a way to understand those karmic relations and a way to see what creates our current experiences etc. Thus I saw the amazing potential within Astrology to not only guide people towards a better understanding of themselves, but to also release them of deep karmic blockages and change their lives on a fundamental level.
The ability to offer remedies for such “karmic issues” and to present people with spiritual practices that can bring deep healing and understanding made me eventually take up Vedic Astrology. Spirituality and Vedic Astrology cannot be separated and to understand the mysteries of our existence I could not imagine a more profound path to walk.. 
It is my aim to integrate Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda and other healing sciences into my counseling practice as much as I can and I plan to continue furthering my studies with the goal of providing the most effective cures to my clients.