„Vedic Astrology offers a path to self-realization, a happier life and a deeper connection with our entire reality.”“


“Jyotish” which means light in Sanskrit is one of the sciences of the “Vedas”. The Vedas are sacred hymns which form the foundation of Indian spirituality and Hinduism, going back many thousands of years before Christ (put into writing about 1.500 BCE). In the later part of these texts we find the origins of “Jyotir Vidya” or the science of Light , which we call Vedic Astrology.

With Vedic Astrology it is not only possible to see someone’s life path and tendencies, but also to make very detailed predictions and statements. We can discern the nature of a person’s health issues, their strengths and weaknesses, how they can increase their wealth, when they are likely to change jobs or when there might be a possibility for marriage or childbirth.

There are no limits to the range and workings of Vedic Astrology and its greatest feature is that it offers the ability to remedy our Karma and better our lives. Through spiritual practices, charitable donation, rendering service to others and through many other ways we are offered solutions to improve our circumstances and heal ourselves. Vedic Astrology guides one towards right actions which bring fulfillment to our lives.

The texts that I reference in my studies are up to 1500 years old and were composed by holy men known as “Rishis”, highly trained scholars possessed with an elevated state of consciousness who had dedicated their lives to higher knowledge and spiritual perfection. It is important to know that these are the authorities upon which I base my approach to Vedic Astrology. 


In Vedic Astrology, just as in the western Astrology, a horoscope is drawn to see the placement of the planets of our solar system within the star signs most commonly known as zodiac.

The most common horoscope is the one drawn at the moment of birth, and used to understand the Karma of the entire life of a person. But there are other forms of  horoscopy that can be drawn and used such as a horary chart, used to discern the answer to a question posed at a certain moment in time, or electional horoscopy used to select the most auspicious moment for certain events or actions. 

Sri Yantra der Göttin Lakshmi

Tradition and Line of Transmission

My teacher “Freedom Tobias Cole” studied under and was initiated into a lineage that traces itself back to “Shri Achyutananda Das”. Born in 1510 in Orissa, India he was a great scholar, seer, spiritual revolutionary and among the greatest astrologers of his time.

The current living custodian of this lineage is my teacher’s teacher “Pandit Sanjay Rath” one of the most well-known and highly regarded Astrologers of our time. He has not only written a multitude of books on Vedic Astrology but also founded the Sri Jagannath Center to sustain and teach Vedic astrology all over the world. He was born into a family of astrologers and his grandfather Jagannath Rath, who was also an astrologer to the king, passed down his knowledge to him from a very young age.

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