Astrology Consultation:

In an astrology consultation I will use various techniques of vedic astrology to find out more about your past, present and future. At all times I aim to help you find the right decisions may it be about work, relationships, personal development or any other themes. I always wish to heal the person in front of me and offer opportunities to overcome obstacles and suffering if necessary.

All services are offered for a free donation.

Birth Chart Reading

A birth chart reading covers all themes of life such as physical and mental health, work and love, as much as spirituality and everything else. Beyond that I offer appropriate remedies to solve karmic issues and blockages and give suggestions for proper living to sustain health, happiness and prosperity for the person.

Relationship / Compatibility Reading

In a relationship reading I will guide you through all the themes surrounding love, intimacy and partnership. This means we will talk about the compatibility with your current or future partner and the best possible ways to improve your relationship if necessary. This reading requires both yours and your partners birth data and remedies will be given for both of you.

Follow-Up Reading

If you already took an initial reading, but you’re still looking for answers covering different themes of your life or you’re looking for another specific remedy etc.

Prasna or Horary Astrology
30-45 minutes (50€)

If you only have a few questions regarding a certain situation in your life, then these can be answered by using horary astrology or a so called “Prasna”. It is best to ask three questions but six in total are possible.

Muhurta / choosing an auspicious moment

In Vedic Astrology, the moment we begin or initate something is looked at to see if it brings success or not. In a Muhurta I choose the most auspicious moment for you to either – start a business, enter a marriage, publish a website or anything else you could think of.

Birth Chart Reading + Meditation + Yoga

Over three individual sessions you can work with me to improve your life. Get introduced to your life path and how to practice meditation and Yoga accordingly to reach a deeper level of happiness and become empowered to tackle the challenges of your life.

Birthday Reading / Reading for the next year

Anything you need to know about the upcoming year for you. Any general questions can be answered here as well and appropriate remedies will be given too.  

Career analysis:

This shorter reading will cover all your interests in terms of career. May it be you starting a new business or looking for a promotion or a new job etc.


Meditation lessons:
60 minutes

I will teach you the basic principles of meditation depending on your personal preferences and experience. I cover a wide range of practices from Buddhist meditation to Yoga and Mindfulness techniques. This can be used as an entry to meditation or to just deepen your experience and get acquainted with another type of practice. If you wish the techniques can be chosen according to your birth chart too.


Yoga private lessons:
90 minutes

Yoga private lessons are meant to show you how to properly execute the Asanas as well as providing you with an outline on what type of Yoga you should practice. Furthermore, this is meant to show you how to make up for certain weaknesses and create more comfort in how you feel and move your body.   This can also be done according to your birth chart.

Requests for discount

By mail you can ask for a cheaper price for all the services provided. Please only make use of this if your financial situation is difficult / you are situated in a country with lower income etc.